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Nothing says spring like a burst of sunny yellow flowers in the garden and Bush Daisies are just the ticket. Not only will these flowers give you early spring flowers, but they will reward you again with flowers this fall. Bush Daisies are very tolerant of cold and can go down to about 28 degrees, so on these cold nights that we are having now, these tough little blooms can handle it.

They are ideal for mass plantings, mixed flower borders and we love using them in containers. Planted in the ground, they will not come back reliably outside over winter, but often if you set them in a protected spot during winter (garage is fine) they will re-flower in spring. You will get great bang for your buck with Bush Daisies as they can grow up to 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide! They are not too picky about soil and they will thrive in full sun. They will be okay in a moderate drought, but it’s best to water the plant deeply and then allow the soil to dry before watering again. And, best of all, they don’t require much pruning. So, if you're looking for a sunny burst of spring color, say it with us... BUSH DAISIES!

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