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Hyacinth makes an ideal houseplant this time of year as you find yourself craving colorful blooms. While spring will be here before you know it, why not get things blooming now?! Hyacinth ushers in the beauty and grace of spring early on with brilliant color and unforgettable fragrance! A member of the Lily family, hyacinth are available in a variety of shades including white, salmon, yellow, pink, red, lavender and blue. Blooms are complimented by fleshy, glossy green, strap-shaped foliage, and we assure you... they smell amazing! If you are planting outdoors, hyacinth bulbs should be planted in early autumn for flowering in March and April. However, if you want blooms now, you can force bulbs to grow indoors, or you can purchase hyacinth already in bloom. There's no better way to help alleviate those winter blues than with beautiful blooms. Inside, these beauties are perfect for use in bouquets and arrangements. Later in spring, they are ideal in rock gardens, containers, mass plantings, beds, and borders. Hyacinth will grow well in shade to full sun, but does best in bright sunlight in a well-drained area.

Did you know?
Legend has it the origin of hyacinth can be traced back to a young Greek boy named Hyakinthos, the name of a youth loved by Apollo; when he died a flower sprouted from his blood and was named after him. Hyacinth symbolizes playfulness and denotes constancy. Blue hyacinth stands for constancy, purple for sorrow, red or pink for play, white for loveliness and yellow for jealousy.

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