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Plant of the Week:

Phalaeonopsis 'Moth' Orchids

This year, give them a blooming gift they are sure to love ~ Phalaeonopsis 'Moth' Orchids. Whether a gift for another or a treat for yourself, orchids will captivate and add elegance to any setting. There is a special grace to the long, arching stem of the orchid. Moth orchids, also known as Phalaeonopsis, are some of the least expensive and longest-blooming orchids available. In fact, one bloom spike can look great for four months or more. Color range includes whites, pinks and even blues.

Love the style, grace and beauty of orchids, but afraid they look too complicated to care for? Never fear. Orchids are surprisingly easy to grow. In the right setup at home they can be extremely low maintenance. Be sure to give them a spot in low, medium, or bright light and water weekly or every other week. Promote more and larger blooms by feeding moth orchids monthly with a fertilizer formulated specifically for orchids. Plants do best in temperatures from 50° to 75°F.

McDonald's offers one of the largest selections of orchids in Hampton Roads. Come in and see the magic of this enchanting plant and discover just how easy it is to care for.