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"Pining" for Fresh-Cut Greenery

There’s something intoxicating about decorating with fresh and fragrant greens. And when it comes to holiday decorating, nothing says Christmas quite like boughs of fresh-cut foliage. Living greenery adds organic texture and straight-from-the-forest fragrance, while adding a little yuletide spirit both indoors and out. There are plenty of ways to use fresh greenery for the holidays. Place greenery on walls, tables, mantels, the hearth, on the floor, and on chandeliers. Heap them in vases, garland your doorways, banisters, and mirrors. Use fresh greenery outside on shutters, gates, on and over doorways, columns, mailboxes, and light posts. Here are some suggested fresh-cut varieties to use in your holiday decorating this season:

Juniper - fragrant, short, green or silver-blue needles that usually include small blue berries. Perfect for accenting wreaths and garlands or holiday centerpieces.

Holly - this most traditional holiday green features glossy green foliage with bright red fruit that will beautifully embellish holiday arrangements and centerpieces.

Boxwood this small-leafed shrub is a longtime favorite for fine-textured wreaths and garlands.

Fraser Fir - fragrant with short, flat needles and excellent color and needle retention. Perfect in wreaths, swags and centerpieces.

Noble Fir- a hardy, fragrant, and long-lasting evergreen. Needles have a beautiful bluish tint. Ideal for wreaths, swags, garlands, and centerpieces.

Magnolia - boasts large, glossy leaves, with dark green that contrast well with the velvety, brown undersides. Magnolia leaves make stunning wreaths and bases for large decorations. Try spray painting them with gold or silver for a more formal look.

Incense Cedar - aromatic, fan-like foliage with a short, feathery appearance. Ideal in porch pots, swags, or garlands.

Leyland Cypress - feathery dark green to gray foliage that is sap-free. Provides wonderful contrast against red bows and traditional holiday décor. Use as an accent on mantles, centerpieces, tablescapes, and wreathes and garlands.

TIP: Mist your evergreens with water to keep them moist and smelling fresh.

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