Perfect Pansy Partners

One of the most popular cool weather annual, pansies are a fall and winter bloomer. They are hardy and come in a wide spectrum of color combinations and hues making them striking plants for their size. Pansies are the perfect choice for early and late season containers or to tuck in between plants in your landscape. And because this hardy plant will continue to bloom through frost, you may find yourself wondering what pansy companions you can use to create a dazzling cool-season display. Believe it or not, there are more choices than you may think whether you are planting in the landscape or designing fall containers.

We love pairing pansies with ornamental cabbage and kale, hardy garden mums, Encore azaleas, colorful camellias, hardy heuchera and an assortment of perennial grasses. And don’t forget to combine small pumpkins & gourds near your pansies for festive fall decorating both inside & out. The color show in your landscape will be the envy of the neighborhood and you’ll love seeing those pansy faces smiling back at you every time you look outdoors!