Our Top 6 Veggies in Stock

Our Adventures in Veggieland have started today so we wanted to explore the top six Chef Jeff brand veggies we have in stock right now to help you find a new favorite! From spicy peppers to juicy tomatoes and everything in between, get ready to tantalize your taste buds.

  1. Jalapeno Pepper: Let's kick off our veggie extravaganza with a spicy twist! Our jalapeno pepper brings the perfect amount of heat to any dish. Add these iconic peppers as an extra kick to your homemade salsa or spice up your favorite margarita for a fresh new twist with this versatile pepper.

Care Advice: Jalapenos thrive in warm, sunny environments. Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged, and provide support for the plants as they grow to ensure healthy, upright growth.

  1. Burpless Cucumber 26: Crisp, refreshing, and oh-so-delicious – that's the burpless cucumber for you! Burpless cucumbers are cucumbers bred with no or reduced levels of cucurbitacin. This reduces bitterness and reportedly the likelihood of burping. This variety is also known for its sweet flavor, which makes it great in a tossed salad or enjoyed as a crunchy snack, this cucumber is a must-have for any kitchen garden.

Care Advice: Cucumbers love water! Keep the soil consistently moist and provide a trellis or support system for the vines to climb, ensuring straighter cucumbers and easier harvesting.

  1. Sun Gold Tomato: Get ready to bask in the golden glow of the Sun Gold Tomato! Bursting with sweet, tangy flavor, these little gems are like nature's candy. Perfect for snacking, roasting, or adding a burst of color to salads, the Sun Gold tomato is a favorite among chefs and home cooks alike.

Care Advice: Sun Gold tomatoes thrive in full sun and well-drained soil. Water deeply and consistently, and provide support for the vines as they grow to keep the fruits off the ground and prevent disease.

  1. Aristocrat Zucchini Squash: Let's add a touch of elegance to our veggie lineup with the Squash Zucchini Aristocrat. With its delicate flavor, this squash is perfect for sautéing, grilling, or baking. 

Care Advice: Zucchini plants require regular watering and well-drained soil. Harvest the fruits when they're young for the best flavor and texture.

  1. Super Sweet 100 Tomato: Brace yourself for a burst of sweetness with the Super Sweet 100 Tomato! These cherry tomatoes are like little flavor bombs, exploding with sugary goodness in every bite. They are great for pasta dishes as well as a sweet snack. 

Care Advice: Super Sweet 100 tomatoes thrive in warm, sunny conditions. Water consistently, and provide support for the vines as they grow to ensure a bountiful harvest.

  1. Red Beauty/Knight Pepper: Last but certainly not least, we have the Red Beauty/ Knight Pepper. With its vibrant red color and bold flavor, this pepper is a showstopper in any recipe. These peppers are great for grilling or roasting, becoming both the beauty as well as the knight in shining armor for any summer dish. 

Care Advice: These peppers prefer warm, sunny conditions and well-drained soil. Mulch around the base of the plants to conserve moisture and provide support for the branches as they become laden with fruit.


These veggies are sure to take your culinary creations to the next level. So why wait? Stock up on these veggies today and let your taste buds rejoice during our Adventures in Veggieland happening now - May 21st. To stay inspired and grow with us, follow us on FacebookInstagramPinterest, and TikTok to dig into the joys of gardening!