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Off our Gourd

What's October without pumpkins and gourds? Well, have we got some gorgeous gourds for you to feast your eyes on! This season you will love decorating with our new Lunch Lady gourds. These large pumpkin-sized gourds are huge ranging from 5-20 pounds! They are available in a mix of great fall colors. Each boasts an interesting bumpy and durable shell allowing them to hold up well in outdoor conditions. A combination of colors, designs and shapes will create a unique and interesting display. Mix with pumpkins, mums or pansy containers for a fall look that will last until Thanksgiving.

Did you know gourds are related to melons, squash, pumpkins, and cucumbers, and are members of the cucumber family? They are one of the earliest crops to be grown. For thousands of years they have been grown for ornamentation, utensils, making instruments, and it is even said that they were used to make suction cups by the Greeks. These interesting ornamentals are typically inedible due to a lack of flesh or undesirable flavor, although some varieties such as the snake gourd can be eaten in addition to utilitarian purposes.