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The Fall Lawn
McDonald Garden Center Fall Lawn Kit

Now's the Time for Fall Lawn Kits

Check out the video to learn more about fall lawn kits:

Everyone knows that a lush, green lawn is a labor of love. To help you on your road to lawn success, we've developed an easy-to-use lawn kit specifically formulated for Hampton Roads.

Fall is the best time in our area to establish and repair the fescue lawn. During fall, soil temperatures cool down, so you'll get better germination and quicker establishment. And, the fall season typically delivers more consistent rainfalls, which also aides in establishment of new seedlings. Summer is the hardest season on fescue lawns, so planting in the fall allows for the longest time period before summer comes around again. Root development also occurs in the fall, which is vital when starting a new lawn.

Be sure to attend one of our complimentary grass classes held every Saturday, at 11am, now through October 13, 2018, at both our Independence and Great Neck locations.