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NOW TRENDING: What's Growing On in 2016

As the hustle and bustle of the holidays draws to an end, we anticipate what the new year will bring. A new year brings new trends... in food, fashion, technology and yes, in the garden. We've scouted out the forecast of what to expect in the gardening world over this next year or so.

The DIY movement gets a facelift as people shift from "doing" to "making". Instead of simply growing plants for their beauty, makers want to create a functional garden - engaging with nature hands-on though projects like growing backyard edibles for the family table, testing out natural dyes, using homegrown herbs to make soaps, and raising bees to make their own honey. Makers appreciate nature for more than its beauty, they enjoy making something out of it.

People are increasingly aware of the wellness benefits of engaging with nature through - edible gardening, creating habitats for birds, bees and butterflies, planting shrubs and trees, especially natives. More and more gardeners are seeing the benefits of raised bed gardens, native plants, and organic gardening solutions.

People are taking a bolder approach to outdoor living making a major personality statement. Through custom lighting and structures, multifunctional planters and colorful plants that make a statement - homeowners are adding more whimsicality to their backyards. You'll see a movement away from subtle minimalist aesthetics toward designs that heighten sensory appeal.

Landscape design trends are shifting from green deserts to living landscapes designed to create more sustainable plantings which will last not just throughout the year, but for many years to come. People want to bring their yard back to its natural habitat as each plant serves a purpose in supporting local, natural ecosystems, pollinators and other wildlife. A layered landscape starts with a hardy combination of trees, conifers and perennials. Those layers continue with bright and beautiful annual flowers.

The resources that we depend on to garden, particularly water, are limited and need to be conserved. People are making small changes in the landscape that have a big impact on Earth's precious resources. Drought tolerant plants such as sedums, cacti and succulents are smart choices to save time and our most precious resource, water.

Many of us subconsciously seek to create outdoor spaces to help us re-live precious childhood memories - grandpa's vegetable garden, mom's beautiful flowers, backyard gatherings with neighbors and chasing fireflies barefoot with soft grass underfoot. Life happens at home and our outdoor space is an amazing extension of our home holding so many memories. Carry on the traditions that your grandpa and mom began in the garden so many years ago - and make new ones of your own.

source: 2016 Garden Trends Report