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Now that’s TREEmendous!

Faux Christmas trees have come a long way from their modest beginnings. Now-a-days, artificial trees are so much more realistic and come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes and offer a host of benefits.

So why does an artificial tree make so much sense? Here’s why:

  • no need to water
  • easier to put up and take down
  • ability to leave the tree up longer
  • little or no cleanup
  • uniform appearance
  • less expensive per year
  • reduced risk of fire
  • most come with commercial grade light sets professionally installed

McDonald offers an incredible selection of permanent, life-like Christmas trees available in a variety styles. Each quality tree is crafted with care and will offer beauty for seasons to come. These trees offer a natural look with less mess. But, should a problem arise, we offer permanent tree diagnostics to help solve and fix the problem.

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