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Not Just Another Pretty Face!


Pansies and violas are the perfect flower to brighten a fall or winter landscape. Both come in infinite range of colors and color combinations offering a variety for every taste. Here in Hampton Roads, both bloom from fall to spring providing cheerful color in a time of the year when it is least expected.

Although they are from the same family, there are differences in the way these two cool weather annuals grow and bloom. Pansies offer larger flowers that are about three to four times larger than viola blooms, which are only about the size of a nickel. The other major difference between these two are that violas produce a greater number of flowers, around three to four times more than pansies. As far as food and care, pansies and violas a similar except violas tend to handle shade better than pansies, which will not bloom without full sun.

So here’s the bottom line, whether you plant a bed full of just pansies, just violas or both for an interesting mix, either of these two will have your landscape looking colorful, vibrant and healthy throughout the winter season and until April of next year! Here are a few of our favorites:

Angel Tiger Eye - A pansy-viola hybrid, this medium size bloom features golden yellow flowers with black tiger striping. Blooms summer or winter with plants going dormant during hot summers. But not to worry, Tiger Eye burst back into color after the temperatures cool off in early to mid fall. Creates an eye-catching display in containers, mass plantings or in borders. The perfect compliment to your Halloween or Thanksgiving décor!

Penny Peach Jump-Up Viola – Mini purple petals featuring a citrus-y peach and white face. Adds a punch of color fall through spring. This petite cool season lover looks stunning in containers, borders and garden beds. Did we mention Penny Peach has improved heat and cold tolerance too!

Penny Marina Viola – Petite ocean blue petals offer a continuous blast of cool weather color. You'll love the gorgeous blue flowers with plum purple overtones, yellow eyes and deep purple that bloom from early spring to late fall. This viola offers a mass of large rounded flowers that are perfect for mass plantings, in borders and containers. Like Penny Peach, Marina improved heat and cold tolerance.