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No Orchard Needed!


There are apple trees that flourish in orchards with foxglove and clover at their feet, and then there are apples who stand all alone, trained on wire or string on the side of a house. Apple blossoms and juicy fruit can now captivate homeowners, apartment dwellers, condo owners, suburbanites and those short on space!

New to the gardening scene are Urban™ Columnar Apple Trees that grow in a very narrow upright form with short branches. Not only are these little trees easy on the eyes, but you'll love their delicious fruit too! Urban apple trees mature to 8 to 10 feet tall, but less than two feet in diameter and are extremely healthy and disease resistant. When grown in full sun expect full-sized fruit the first year of planting, as long as there are two or more varieties for cross pollination. As trees mature, the yield of apples will increase. Now you can harvest juicy apples within easy reach of the patio or kitchen table!