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Lavender, SuperBlue
Russian Sage, Crazy Blue
Salvia Back to the Fuchsia

NEW Perennials, For the Perennial Lover

Who doesn’t love perennials? Versatile, dependable and enjoyable year after year, and once established, most perennials are low-maintenance and give your garden color and texture. McDonald carries a wide selection of perennials that are well suited for Hampton Roads conditions and soils. Check out these three new perennial varieties:

Lavender SuperBlue - lavender seduces the senses with lyrical color and caressing fragrance. Meet the most colorful Lavandula angustifolia, its short spikes packed with aromatic, deep blue florets. Blooming June to September, the 12" tall herbal plants are remarkably hardy, tolerant of heat and humidity. Use fresh or dried in cut bouquets and sachets. Prefers full sun. Cold, deer, drought and rabbit resistant.

CrazyBlue Russian Sage - a compact and colorful, easy care perennial for use as an accent, border or mass planting. Violet-blue flower spikes arise from the lacy, gray-green aromatic foliage, adding an airy feel to the landscape. Hardy and heat tolerant, and sturdy, interlacing branches do not fall open in wind and rain. Prefers full sun. Deer and rabbit resistant.

Salvia Back to the Fuchsia - a new Proven Winners salvia, Salvia Back to the Fuchsia is part of the Color Spires series. This colorful perennial produces cool fuchsia flower spikes atop the neatly mounded, aromatic foliage. Lovely when planted in drifts. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Prefers sun. Salt tolerant. Attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Dee rand rabbit resistant.

Plant information and photos provided by Monrovia, Burpee and Proven Winners.