Mulching - Why is it so Important?

We always know that we should be mulching, especially when preparing for the next season of gardening, but why? Mulching is not the most glamorous aspect of gardening, but it is essential to keep your plants looking and feeling their best. 

What is Mulch? 

Mulch is made of organic matter that is naturally occurring, but conveniently combined to create a soil topper that helps plants in a multitude of ways. Our McDonald Garden Center Organic Mulch is mainly made from shredded hardwood chunks, which is perfect for aerating the soil. You can get this as regular hardwood or dyed hardwood to fit the aesthetic of your garden beds. For more details on our mulch deals, check us out for Mulch Madness this weekend only, September 2nd-5th, 2022.

Why Do We Need to Mulch? 

Mulch provides plants with a layer of nutrients that help them grow throughout the year. It also provides warmth for your plant's roots in the winter and keeps them cool in the summer months. This improves the overall health of your plants while also keeping your garden looking fresh and happy. 

How Do You Mulch Your Garden? 

Mulching is one of the most simple processes of gardening and the time it takes to complete it really depends on the size of your garden. 

  1. Get the Right Amount of Mulch - Sizing up your garden for mulch is usually measured in cubic feet. Check out our landscape material estimator to see how much mulch you may need for your garden. 
  2. Spreading It Out - When spreading mulch, make sure your layer is about 3-4 inches thick at most. Too little mulch doesn’t provide your garden with what it needs, while too much can cause damage to your plants.
  3. Cleaning Up - A great finishing touch after freshly mulching is to clean up your bed edges and dust around your plants for that perfect look. 

Start your fall mulching journey this weekend with us for Mulch Madness and for more information and check out the Garden Guru and his webinars with new plants, products, and expert planting advice. To keep inspired and grow with us, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to dig into the joys of gardening!