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Merry Berries

Grab holiday inspiration from your own garden with berry-producing shrubs. There are several options from deciduous to evergreens, providing you with a ready source of bountiful berries. Our designers love using fresh berries for holiday decorating. Try adding them to fresh or faux greenery to create a pop of natural color. Whether you are trying to adorn your mantle, create an eye-catching table-scape or sprucing up your outdoor containers - berries make wonderful fillers! With just a little planning, you can grow these garden jewels and create your own unique decorations for Christmases to come.

Some of our berry best picks are:

Winterberry Holly ‘Southern Gentleman’ is a deciduous shrub with rich deep green foliage on an oval-rounded form. Plant as a pollenizer for Sparkleberry Winterberry. Produces no berries.

Winterberry Holly 'Winter Red’ is a tough, easy to grow shrub that looks great in mass and produces bright red berries. Once this deciduous shrub drops its leaves, the berries become the real star of the show! Since it maintains its color and berries as a cut branch, it is a very popular choice to use in floral arrangements.

Holly Nellie R. Stevens is an easy to grow classic. This evergreen shrub produces bold red berries against a deep green foliage.

Heavenly Bamboo or Nandina Domestica is an evergreen shrub that grows almost anywhere. With attractive foliage, this hardy shrub produces bright, red berries. In spite of the name, it is not a bamboo, but does grow vertically up from the roots.

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