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Make a Splash!

Add a stylish, focal point to your garden design and give a spot to your fine feathered friends.

A bird bath is an artificial "puddle" or small shallow pond, filled with water. It offers a spot for birds to bathe and 'cool off' as well as, offering a spot for birds to drink from. It is an attraction for many different species of birds, especially during the heat of the summer and during drought periods. A birdbath can also be a garden ornament to add interest in the landscape.

Birdbaths often times are a central feature of an overall plan for a garden setting. They are placed where they may be viewed through the windows of a home or from a deck or patio. They also may be placed on a small patio, deck, or terrace.

This season, we are featuring our Michael Carr Birdbath collection. These beautifully glazed ceramic bird baths infuse color and modern design into your landscape... and they make excellent gifts. Consider adding a bird bath to your outdoor space and you will be rewarded with visits from the fine feathered friends for years to come. We promise you'll love it as much as they do!

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