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Living Valentines: Blooming Gifts from the Heart

Valentine's Day sneaks up on us every year, but no worries - we've got a whole host of blooming possibilities for that someone special. So bring a little spring into your home this winter with these amazing bloomers. This year, give a gift from the heart with these and many other living Valentines now at your local garden center!

Orchids - There is a special grace to the long, arching stem of an orchid. These elegant flowers will brighten tables and windowsills in your home for months at a time. Colors range from whites, pinks, lavenders and yellows in both solid colors or stripes and spots.

Daffodils - Who doesn’t like spring, especially in February? Jump start your spring with these petite daffodils sure to bring a sunny smile to any recipients face.

Cyclamen - These colorful cool weather bloomers boast butterfly-like flowers with dark green, heart-shaped foliage.

Kalanchoe - Big beauty, low maintenance. This colorful little succulent is easy to grow and almost as easy to bloom. Kalanchoe grows 8 to 12 inches tall with clusters of small, upright flowers in a rainbow of colors, including red, orange, yellow, gold, purple and white. It has thick, rich green, succulent leaves that retain water to sustain the plant with little water.

Bromeliads - These stunning plants are related to the pineapple family and are available in bright tropical colors. The unique foliage will add drama to any space during winter and beyond. Once warmer weather arrives, move outside and enjoy all summer long.

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