It's Root-amentary

Fall is a great time to plant.

Did you know fall is a great time to plant? Cool weather provides ideal growing conditions for new plants. By planting now, roots have time to become established without the stress of summer’s heat.

With the cooler temperatures and increased rainfall, the time from fall to spring will help the plant’s roots become better established. The soil is still warm in the fall and allows roots to grow until the ground freezes. (With mild weather, roots may even continue to grow throughout the winter.) If the same plant is put in the ground in the spring, it gets a slower start because soils are cooler. If planted in the summer, it may become extremely stressed due to heat, drought and an insufficient root system.

Now's the perfect time to plant some of these favorite trees & shrubs:

• Camellias
• Encore Azaleas
• Purple Leaf Plum Trees
• Dogwoods
• Indian Hawthorns
• Maples
• Boxwoods
• Holly
• Knock Out Roses
• Fruit Trees
• Arborvitae
• Gardenias
• Crepe Myrtles
• Nandinas
• Palms

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