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It's all about the color


Set a spring scene inside and out. From the graceful to the bold, these blooms are perfect center stage on your table or to add a springy warm welcome to your entrance or patio. These bunny-approved blooms in all the colors of the rainbow will make your Easter “egg-tra” special.

Shades of White
• Calla Lily
• Peace Lily
• Candytuft
• Orchids

Pretty Pinks
• Orchids
• Pink Dianthus
• Geraniums
• Mini Roses
• Camellias
• Candytuft

Sunwashed Yellows
• Pink Lemonade Petunias
• Gerbera Daisies
• Daffodils
• Orchids
• Bush Daisies
• Forsythia

Vibrant Violets
• Scabiosa
• Purple Alyssum
• Pericallis
• Petunias

Gorgeous Greens
• Mexican Feather Grass
• Ferns
• Tillandsia
• Green Spike

TIP: Remember any outside plant can be brought indoors to add a burst of color, and don’t be afraid to try something a little out of the ordinary. We love our Spring Herb Planter too that’s not only a real departure from the usual spring blooms but is aromatic as well. And best all, the herbs can be harvested for months to come!

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