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It’s All About Love


Valentine's Day sneaks up on us every year, but no worries - we've got a whole host of blooming possibilities for that someone special on your list. And need we remind you that roses aren’t the only choice? Check out our favorite living Valentines!

Daffodils are a great way to brighten someones day with an early dose of spring! We love using these petite daffodils to brighten things up indoors during the remainder of winter.

Hyacinth ushers in the beauty and grace of spring early on with brilliant color and unforgettable fragrance. A member of the lily family, Hyacinth are available in a variety of colors including pink, white and purple. This flowering houseplant makes an excellent living gift.

Anthuriums are long-lasting plants with glossy, red heart-shaped spathes from which emerges a white or yellow flower spike. Flowers float above the contrasting, dark green leaves for months on end. Anthuriums come in a variety of colors, including red, pink, salmon, pale yellow, green and orange. With proper care, flower spikes can last four to six weeks.

Bromeliads are stunning plants related to the pineapple family and are available in an array of bright tropical colors. Its unique foliage adds instant drama to any space during winter and beyond. Once warmer weather arrives, move outside and enjoy all summer long. Truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Cyclamen is a cool weather bloomer boasting butterfly-like flowers with dark green, heart-shaped foliage. Bloom colors range from white to light pink, lavender, hot pink, and hot purple. Most will bloom from mid-November through February, provided conditions are right.

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