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How Sweet It Is


Get your herb garden growing with one of our favorite herbs, Sweet Basil. This garden classic is known for its flavor and fragrance. With big leaves that are fast growing, anyone can produce a homegrown harvest. Basil needs about 6-8 hours of full sunlight to produce and can benefit from a little bit of afternoon shade. If grown in containers, it will definitely need watering as it likes moist, well drained soil. Dry soil will stunt the growth of this plant. The large leaves of this plant, are vibrant green. Sweet Basil is the main ingredient for classic Italian Pesto, but it is great in pastas, on pizzas and even in lemonade.

TIP: You'll want to prevent basil from blooming, by either harvesting the leaves or pinching off the top sets of leaves. Once the basil plant sets flowers, the leaves will lessen in flavor. So, our rule of thumb don’t’ be afraid to cut and use this tasty herb.

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