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How to Revitalize your Spring Annuals for Summer

Check out the video for tips on revitalizing spring annuals:

This time of year, you’re probably wondering if there’s any hope for those annuals that have gotten leggy and overgrown. Most of the annual baskets and containers you buy in early April have been growing since January, and will give you plenty of gorgeous color right through May into early summer. But with their big blooms and fast growth, they can use up available nutrients in the soil quickly. Here are some tips on what the Garden Guru, Mike Westphal, does to transition spring annual superstars into summer stunners.

Give Annual Hanging Baskets and Container Plants a Mid-Summer Trim - by sacrificing some blooms now, the pay-off will be fuller plants and more blooms later. So, grab your shears, take a deep breath, and cut back your annual hanging baskets and containers by half or back to the container.

Fertilize - fertilization is key, as plants need a lot of nutrients in order to sustain large growth and blooms. Every time you water, the nutrients that the plant has not already used are leeched out of the soil. By consistently feeding, you are ensuring that your plants maintain all the nutrition necessary to grow and bloom big. We use McDonald Greenleaf (available in organic or traditional formulas), which was developed specifically for plants in Hampton Roads and is a great general all-purpose, slow-release fertilizer. Simply sprinkle two tablespoons of Greenleaf around the basket or container.

Hydrate - water your baskets and containers as usual and in two to three weeks, they’ll be in full bloom once again.