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A Holiday Tradition


Throughout Hampton Roads, Boxwoods are one of the most recognizable and widely used landscape shrubs... ideal for hedging, edging or simply grouped along landscape beds. Boxwood is easy to maintain with its compact evergreen foliage that stays green all year long. It is virtually “deer-proof” and tolerates semi-shady conditions as well as open, sunny locations and drier soils. Boxwood can be pruned or cut back most anytime of year without damaging the plant. Even with more harsh cuts, next year’s vigorous new growth will quickly fill-in any gaps. Available in a variety of foliage colors and growth habits, few shrubs match the Boxwood’s dependability and resiliency.

One of the most enjoyable holiday traditions is decorating with fresh greenery, and it’s no secret that boxwood’s versatility as a cut green is ideal for creating beautiful and durable holiday decor. The smooth, rounded leaves and flexible stems adapt easily to a variety uses for both inside and out. From swags to wreaths, to table-top centerpieces and topiaries, fresh boxwood has long been a traditional greenery for holiday decorating. So, this season look no further than your own back yard (or your neighbors – with permission of course) and instantly give your home the look and feel of Christmas with boxwood.