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Ho, Ho, Holiday Plants

The holiday season is full of traditions and holiday houseplants have played an important role in seasonal celebrations for centuries. While Christmas trees and mistletoe immediately come to mind, they are not alone. There's numerous other plants that boast Yuletide. Decorating with plants is easy with a little imagination, so let your creativity be your guide and don't be afraid to experiment. And, as you get ‘wrapped’ up in the frenzy of holiday season remember plants are always a great gift. Placing any flowering plant in a gift bag, wicker basket, or decorative wrap is ideal for both decorating and gifting. Here's a few of our favorites traditionals and not-so-traditionals...

Introduced in the United States by our first ambassador to Mexico, Joel Poinsett, the poinsettia has become the traditional Christmas plant. They are available in red, pink, gold, white and variegated colors. When purchasing your poinsettia, look for a plant with dark green, healthy foliage, strong stems and bright colored bracts. Place your poinsettia in a well-lit location, out of direct sunlight and drafts. Water often enough to keep the soil evenly moist but not soggy.

This cool weather bloomer boosts unusually shaped, colorful blossoms and variegated gray-green elliptical leaves. Depending on the variety, the blossoms may be pink, lavender, deep purple, white, or red. Cyclamen needs cool temperatures to continue blooming, so be sure to keep this plant away from heat sources and, preferably, in the coolest part of the house.

Norfolk Island Pine
A real holiday favorite with a pyramidal shape and soft, dark green needles that add an instant pop of green all year long. This slow-growing tree loves a sunny spot. During the warmer months, you can move it outdoors and place in partial sunlight. The Norfolk pine is a long-lasting houseplant that grows three to six inches annually. Water thoroughly once a week or when the soil becomes dry to touch.

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Phalaeonopsis 'Moth' Orchids
Some of the least expensive and longest-blooming orchids available. In fact, one bloom spike can look great for four months or more. We love orchids paired with other holiday favorites like poinsettias and cyclamen. Orchids are surprisingly easy to grow. In the right setup at home they can be extremely low maintenance. Be sure to give them a spot in low, medium, or bright light and water weekly or every other week.

Christmas Cactus
This thorn-less member of the cactus family has flat green foliage, which blooms periodically. Blooms are tubular in shape and come in varying shades of reds, pinks, whites and yellows. This houseplant is easy to care for making them the perfect gift for those without a green thumb. Prefers bright, indirect light and, unlike most other cactus, requires light to moderate watering.

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