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Growing Orchids – Easier Than You Think

Think orchids are too hard to grow? Well, think again. It doesn’t take a high-tech greenhouse or a horticulture scientist to successfully grow and bloom these exotic beauties. Growing orchids is no harder than growing any other houseplants - it's just different. But like most plants, you just need to give them what they need – adequate light, humidity, water and ventilation. With proper care, they will grow and re-bloom, rewarding you with their stunning color, form and, sometimes, fragrance. If you cannot identify your orchid, then start with these six basic care guidelines:

  • Light - Give orchids bright light, but not direct sun. A bright window with indirect sunlight all day is ideal for growing orchids.
  • Water - Water them thoroughly once or twice a week -- more when it's warmer, less when it's cooler. Make sure the water drains completely and never leave the plant sitting in water!
  • Fertilizer - Orchids are considered to be light feeders and do not require a lot of fertilizer. But all orchids need to be lightly fertilized especially when they are growing.
  • Air Movement - Provide gentle air circulation for the plant.
  • Humidity - Provide some humidity for the plant; most do not like dry environments.
  • Proper Temperatures - Growing orchids generally require the same temperature range as houseplants. Daytime highs in the 70's and nighttime lows of 55-65ºF will keep orchids happy.
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