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Got Weeds? Say Goodbye with Killzall.

Killzall by Hi-Yield does what it says... it will kill any plant you spray it on. So be careful and make sure it is something you definitely want to kill. This is not a selective herbicide, meaning you can not spray it over your desirable lawn or plants and kill weeds. It will kill or seriously hurt any plant it touches. This is a traditional method of removing any vegetation. This product kills to the roots by absorption of the liquid through the leaf through the process of drying on the leaf of the vegetation by the sun.

Killzall is a great solution for those troublesome weeds around your home. We recommend using it to kill weeds in cracks, in concrete or between pavers. You can also use Killzall on weeds in flowerbeds ~ being careful not to spray on desirable plants. The best time to spray is when the sun is out and the vegetation being sprayed is in the sunlight, no wind at time of spraying, and no rain in the forecast for three hours. The warmer the weather the quicker the results.

Best of all, you can plant after seven days of spraying Killzall. So, that means you can kill an area of vegetation to form a new bed and plant the very next week. It is safe for pets and humans to have contact with the area sprayed after it has dried. This product does not harm root systems. It only works when sprayed on the leaves of plants and then it kills to the roots. You may spray around the base of trees to control weeds, as long as you don’t spray the tree it self.

Our three year-round locations carry the complete line of Killzall products including 8-32oz concentrates and Extended Control Killzall. Visit us today and find out all the weed control products available.

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