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Chef Jeff Veggies, McDonald Garden Center
Chef Jeff Veggies, McDonald Garden Center
Cucumber Short Snack & Mascotte' Dwarf Bush Bean

Good Things Come in Small Packages, Compact Short Snack Cucumbers & Mascotte' Dwarf Bush Beans

In the world of gardening, bigger is not always better. Nowadays, seed companies are constantly producing new varieties of vegetables that can be grown as compact plants in small areas and even in pots, so don't let limited growing space stop you from creating a bountiful garden. And contrary to what you might think, compact and dwarf vegetables are just as tasty and certainly as healthy as their larger counterparts. Here’s a few of our favorites from the Chef Jeff collection:

Short Snack Cucumber
Short Snack Cucumber produces high yields of 6-inch, glossy, spineless, deep green cucumbers. These thin-skinned, seedless cucumbers are an excellent addition to salads or make for a healthy, on-the-go snack. Short Snack produces fruit early and often. Harvest as often as possible, since the more fruit you pick the more the plant produces.

Mascotte’ Dwarf Bush Bean
This dwarf bean is an award winning “All American Selection” as well as named a "Top New Edible Plants for 2014" by Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. 5-6 inch, stringless, slender, flavorful pods grow on bushy plants 16-18 inches tall making them ideal in patio containers, window boxes or small gardens. The unusually large, white flowers add an ornamental element, and the beans set on top of the leaves for easy harvesting.

TIP: Compact and dwarf varieties of vegetables require the same light and soil conditions and fertilization as standard varieties. Vegetables grown in containers or raised beds may need more frequent watering, since the roots may dry out quicker.