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Giant White Squill

Strange name and cool flowers, Squill is a unique plant that offers high drama. The Squill flowers are loved by floral artists and show up in fashion photo shoots, home magazines and in floral combinations at high end venues. We’ve spotted this flower in Architectural Digest, Garden Design and even in some Hollywood gatherings. Prized for its unique, chic look you can try your hand growing this bulb this fall.

The flowers of this interesting plant are tall, upright stems that grow to be about 4-5 feet. The flower spikes are made up of tons of starry white flowers all over the flower stalk. Interestingly, the flowers will live longer if cut and placed in water as opposed to staying on the plant. Once cut, the Squill flowers will continue to grow and have been seen growing up to six more inches.

The foliage is also beautiful on this plant. With wide attractive leaves from November through May, you will enjoy the Emerald green color until the huge flower stalk appears in August.

This bulb is quite large, about the size of a soccer ball and it prefers full sun. To plant the bulb, make sure the top of the bulb is even with the soil surface. It is also important to have good drainage for this bulb. Sandy soil is a great option and we suggest avoiding heavy clay as the bulb will rot if it stays wet. Due to the size of this plant, the root system can be quite large, so make sure you are giving this plant plenty of room.

This beauty is surely one that will sure to make your “squill.”

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