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Give your front door a makeover this season with this Christmas door decorating idea. Simple and festive, wreaths are the perfect way to welcome holiday guests into your home.

The simplicity of a boxwood wreath makes a great statement on your front door, above your mantle or on a mirror. All the decorating magazines are showing a simple wreath, with a simple bow for understated elegance. By preserving your wreath, it can add beauty throughout multiple seasons, however it will need to be stored properly to ensure its longevity.

What You'll Need:

  • Fresh-cut boxwood greens
  • 18-inch wreath form
  • Floral wire
  • Ribbon
  1. Collect cuttings of a boxwood fresh from the plant. We recommend using small pieces with stems that are not so woody.
  2. Start on one side of the wreath form by clumping several branches together and using a half piece of wire – attach to the form.
  3. Continue around the wreath form securing the cuttings. Be sure to attach the wire securely, as the weight of the boxwood will become heavy as you start to add more.
  4. Pick your ribbon – choose from a variety of burlap ribbon and tie a simple shoe lace type bow. Or, you can make a long loop and knot at the top.