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A living wreath is fresh and easy way to decorate for spring. Try a blooming wreath on a fence panel, front porch or even use laying flat on your holiday table. Live wreaths are not difficult to care for, just a little water and sunshine. We suggest using this 11-inch square wreath form constructed of sphagnum moss and adorned with petunias or million bells. These plants are great trailers and will grow to cover the wreath and offer vibrant color.

Here's what you need:

  • Two annual packs of petunias or million bells
  • 11-inch wreath form and sphagnum moss
  • Small garden stake or pencil to make the holes in the wreath
  • McDonald Green Leaf Fertilizer


  • Soak wreath in water for about 5 minutes on each side to get the moss wet and easy to work with.
  • Using a pencil or a short piece of a plant stake, start in the top right corner and poke a hole about the length from the tip of your finger to your knuckle.
  • Loosen the roots slightly from around the plants and gently place the plant in the hole in your wreath form.
  • Push the moss up around the roots.
  • Continue this around the wreath form with three plants on each side of the wreath.
  • We suggest leaving the the wreath laying down for 24 hours.

McDonald TIP: Be sure to keep the wreath from drying out in between waterings with a spray bottle.

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