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A Get-Away-From-It-All, Secret Garden

Do you dream of a little spot tucked away in the back corner of the yard? A place where you can retreat and have some time to yourself. Maybe have a glass of wine and enjoy the colors and fragrances of the garden. If you’re feeling tense and irritable in quarantine with a crew, you are not alone — it’s likely a sign you may need some alone time. Even just ten minutes alone can do wonders for your psychological well-being. Well, you may want to consider a secret garden. There is no need for high brick walls or giant iron gates. The only requirement for a secret garden is that it be hidden. It doesn't need to be a large space, it simply needs to be secret, and you can do that with plants. Here are our recommendations for creating a secret spot:

This can be accomplished with Ligustrum, Rose of Sharon, or any quick growing shrub. Screening even one corner with a hedge or placing a trellis with climbing vines can create a feeling of enclosure.

A flagstone path leading to the secret garden will complete the feeling that you are actually entering a separate place but to really make you feel as if you have your own special space, use a gate or a trellis at the entrance. For the trellis - or for the sides of the gate - any climbing flower will work such as Madison jasmine, honeysuckle, or mandevilla. Or, just create a little space between shrubs that allows you to slip through.

Consider a fountain, a peaceful resting bench, a statue, a birdbath, or even a unique planting such as a weeping cherry, or ornamental plum. Create your pathway through the entry leading right to your focal point. Plant ground covers or bright annuals around the focal point. Consider planting fragrant blooms like iris, gardenias, daphne, and daffodils that will bloom at different times during the season.

Add a couple of chairs or a wrought-iron bench, and your secret garden is ready for visitors - but only if you invite them!

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