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Garnish with Lemon


Searching for a colorful, drought-tolerant, low-maintenance plant? Then Lucky Lemon Glow Lantana is the plant to have. This annual delivers vivid color with an abundance of trumpet shaped flowers. With dark green foliage, the Lucky Lemon Glow is a bi-color Lantana with yellow in the center fading to white on its outer edges. The flowers open from knobby yellow buds, and no two are just alike.

Lantana loves to soak up the heat and requires very little maintenance. It looks great whether in the garden or potted on the patio. Compact and super-floriferous, it's the perfect choice for sunny annual beds, hanging baskets, planters, and so much more! At just 12 to 16 inches high and nearly as wide, this Lantana variety is well-branched and bushy and will bloom from early summer all the way into fall.

And to really top this beauty off, Lucky Lemon Glow is an absolute magnet for butterflies and hummingbirds, and deer seem to leave it alone. It will bounce back quickly after the rain and it will soak up the heat and humidity all summer long. This lush lemon-yellow Lantana is a sweet addition to your garden this summer!