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Garden Classic


Geraniums are a truly a garden classic. Did you know that two types of geraniums exist? Seed geraniums and zonal geraniums. Choosing the right type for the garden depends on several factors and there are reasons to grow both depending on personal preference and where you are going to be using them.

Garden geraniums are ideally suited for use in flower beds, where you may need many plants to fill the space. Zonal geraniums are most often used in pots and combination planters where you are looking for a “star” in the container. Here are the differences between the two:

Garden Geraniums

  • Grown from seed
  • Limited selection of colors including red, pink or white
  • Grown in a 4-inch square pot making 18 plants per tray

Zonal Geraniums

  • Grown from cuttings, allowing for consistency in the variety
  • Wide range of vibrant colors including dark red, hot pink, violet, white, tangerine and many more
  • Grown in a round pot, with 8 to 15 plants per tray
  • The name zonal comes from the dark eye zone in the leaf