Food for Thought

McDONALD GREEN LEAF: All-purpose plant food specifically formulated for Hampton Roads

This time of year gardens all over Hampton Roads are drooping, deflated and yes, a little bedraggled. Some may need repair but ALL need some nurturing. Like humans, plants need nutrients to ensure they stay healthy and have a long life.

Simply put, fertilizers are like vitamins for plants. When used properly, an all-purpose fertilizer can treat and help prevent plant “malnutrition” while promoting rapid growth and blooming. In a garden, most plants will use up the nutrients in the soil faster than they can be replaced by nature, so it’s vital your plants continue to get the nutrients they need.

McDonald Green Leaf 12-4-8 is an all-purpose, slow release fertilizer formulated with quality ingredients to ensure high performance and reliability for Hampton Roads’ gardeners. Our own professional growers rely on Green Leaf to assist in plant growth and to maintain excellent performance. When used as directed, this product will promote excellent growth, color and blooms for flowering plants, fruits, vegetables, houseplants and trees & shrubs. McDonald Green Leaf is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate small and large plantings.