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Tullip Bulbs

Fall Planting for Spring Color

It's just beginning to feel like fall, and winter is around the corner... so why are we talking about spring?! Well, fall is the perfect time to plant spring-flowering bulbs ~ like tulips, daffodils, crocuses & hyacinth. While it may seem odd to plant bulbs now, the reason is that spring-flowering bulbs need time to develop a solid root system before winter sets in.

A flower bulb is really an underground storehouse and flower factory. Within the bulb is just about everything the plant will need to sprout and flower at the appropriate time. All bulbs need is to be planted in the ground at the appropriate season of the year, given liberal water, and then sit back and let Mother Nature do the rest!

Nothing is more satisfying than planting dormant brown bulbs in autumn and watching them emerge in late winter or early spring with their fresh green shoots and colorful flowers. In order to take advantage of many spring favorites, their bulbs should be planted in the fall after the first frost (typically around October 15th in Hampton Roads). Bulbs require a long period of cool temperatures in order to bloom. It's vital to get bulbs planted before the ground freezes, so they can develop a strong root system.

Now's the time to start planning and purchasing bulbs, so you will be ready to pop them in the ground as cooler weather sets in. So, make a small investment in planting spring bulbs in the fall, and you'll be greeted with cheery early blooms come spring. And remember, fall bulbs can also be forced indoors, for beautiful color indoors.

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