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An Early Autumn Stunner


Mums, or chrysanthemums, are the quintessential fall bloom. These perennials, with their colorful domes of yellow, lavender, burgundy, white and pink are an early fall superstar. With a tight mounded growth habit, mums are stunning in bloom and perfect for mass plantings. They also look great as a stand alone in a container.

One of our favorite varieties this season is Mabel White - with its perfectly rounded shape and countless blooms! With white blooms in early September, this stunner can freshen up summer containers and offer some bloom power that will take you from the dog days of summer well into fall. Great in full sun and partial shade flower beds. We like using in containers, hanging baskets, large pots or urns or even try planting in a bushel basket for a seasonal look. Soil should be moist, but never wet and check daily while the weather is warm. As it starts to cool down in temperature, you will not need to water as often.

We recommend making sure that you buy mums just as they start to break bud. This way you can maximize the bloom time. And, to keep the blooms coming, we recommend regularly pinching back spent blooms.