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Double Mint Gardenia

Double Mint Gardenia, for Double the Blooms and More

It's easy to fall in love with gardenias, the belle of the southern garden, and the queen of fragrant flowers. With their lush, evergreen leaves, snow-white blossoms, intoxicating scent and the ability to withstand the Southern summer heat, what’s not to love?

And, if you’re looking for a gardenia that offers double the petals, double the flowers, double the fragrance, and double the bloom time, look no further than Double Mint. This gorgeous gardenia flaunts sophisticated ivory and white blossoms with glossy, evergreen foliage. Double Mint is a quick growing shrub that blooms in spring and again in late fall. It is compact and tightly branched growing two-to-three feet tall and wide making it perfect for small space gardens and foundation plantings. Place Double Mint beneath a window, in a container on the porch, or along a garden path to enjoy its heavenly scent all season long.

Double Mint does best in full sun but is tolerant of a bit of shade. Remove darkened blossoms to promote new buds and prune after the bush is finished flowering in the late fall.