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Double Dynamite® Crepe Myrtle

There’s just something about a crepe myrtle. Vibrant blossoms that radiate elegance on lengthy, artistic limbs that seem to beckon the summer sun. And, Hampton Road’s love affair with crepe myrtles is undeniable. Few plants can match their combination of stunning summer flowers, vibrant autumn foliage, and unique and beautiful exfoliating bark.

Double Dynamite® is one of the newest selections of crepe myrtles introduced by Dr. Carl Whitcomb. This variety features a double explosion of cherry-red flowers in full sun and uninterrupted blooming for 100 or more days. Its ability to bloom continuously on the same panicle makes it positively extraordinary. Double Dynamite grows to approximately 8 feet by 8 feet and is mildew resistant and heat tolerant. Its upright habit makes it the perfect choice in the landscape or container. To test your knowledge of the crepe myrtle click here.