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Difficult to Pronounce... but Easy to Grow


Looking for easy, colorful flowers that come back year after year?! Agastache is a versatile, colorful and pleasantly fragrant perennial that will give you that pop of color you are looking for in late summer through autumn.

Commonly known as either Hummingbird Mint or Anise Hyssop (due to its licorice scent), this tough perennial thrives in dry conditions and requires very little maintenance except for an occasional trim to remove old flower stems and encourage new growth & flowering. The fragrant foliage and flowers attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and gardeners alike.

Best of all, Agastache colorful flowers to the garden in late summer and early autumn when many gardens are winding down and color is lacking. Its long-lasting flowers come in shades of pink, apricot, and lavender and are deal for sunny beds & borders, in containers, herb gardens and around pools and patios. The flowers also look fantastic in cut flower arrangements. Agastache prefers full sun and is a must-have perennial for wildlife gardening. Be sure to check out some of these gorgeous new varieties:

Raspberry Summer - raspberry pink, tubular flowers accompanied by bright green, fragrant foliage that blooms late summer into fall. Ideal as a feature in a sunny spot or container.

Blue Boa - beautiful, new perennial variety that offers bright, purple flower spikes that bloom summer through fall. Plant in mass to create a vibrant, long blooming spot in your garden.

Summer Sunset - warm, sunset-orange flowers compliment the deep green foliage. This aromatic hummingbird mint has an upright and compact habit that blooms from June through fall.

Summer Glow - lemon custard flowers seem to glow against the deep green foliage. Drought tolerant this perennial will bloom all summer long.