Decorating with Houseplants for Fall

Decorating with Houseplants for Fall

Outside, the leaves are starting to fall but in our houseplant departments, our tropicals are thriving. We have some beautiful new additions to help you celebrate fall. Use them as table centerpieces for parties or in combination containers. Displayed with pumpkins and gourds, these plants will be a simple and pretty way to welcome fall.

Florist Mums: boast large flowers and come in many different colors. These bright and happy mums make the perfect centerpiece or gift.

Anthuriums: go well with many other plants making them the perfect plant for a combination container. Shades of red, burgundy, orange, white, and purple are sure to make a unique fall arrangement

Air Plants: use our pumpkin and ghost air plant holders to celebrate fall and Halloween. These little jack-o-lanterns make great use of an already interesting plant.

Orchids: Dendrobiums and Oncidiums in shades of orange, red, and yellow can help you create a dramatic and beautiful fall display.

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