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Culinary Delight


Fulfill your culinary delights with classical design. Boxwood Basil resembles a miniature boxwood plant with its tight structure and upright shape. And, best of all it is edible. The 12- to 16-inch-tall plant has small, aromatic leaves and, like all basil, grows best in full sun on fertile, well drained soil. It also tolerates heat well and can be shaped into a topiary form.

This unique plant is excellent in containers with its formal appearance and structure. Or, let it form tight mounds to use as a highly ornamental edging plant for a deck or patio. Bred in France, this basil with small leaves was originally used for pesto. Try using the leaves in salads, pesto and pasta dishes. Or, get creative and spice up veal, lamb, fish and poultry, as well as adding zest to rice, cheese and most vegetables. To harvest, we suggest using the whole stem, as opposed to just removing a few leaves here and there. This way you can preserve the classical shape of the boxwood basil.