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Crotons for Sensational Fall Containers


Think fall containers can only consist of mums, pansies and violas? Think again! We love the unexpected drama and the explosion of color a croton provides. For a croton, subtlety is not a virtue. The extravagant parade of colors exhibit fall’s signature hues. Reds, yellows, and oranges give this easy-to-grow plant a showy, bold leaf. Whether grown indoors or out, crotons perform best in bright light. They will do fine in partial shade, but sunlight really brings out their truest colors. Their upright structure gives strong architectural elements and pairs well with other fall favorites. Perfect alone or use in a container.

One croton we are particularly crazy for this fall is Zanzibar. This unique variety features long, narrow cascading leaves, that almost look like hair. Displaying all shades of green yellow, red and orange this beauty screams fall. If grown in full sun, it will usually feature a fiery red color, but the colors soften in more shade.

TIP: To extend the life of your croton and use in Thanksgiving decorating, take it indoors when outdoor temperatures are consistently below 50 degrees. They’ll add and easy and natural flair to any Thanksgiving table!