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Crepe Myrtle, Double Dynamite

Crepe Myrtle, Double Dynamite

Today’s Crepe Myrtles are available in an extraordinary range of colors and have long flowering seasons from mid-summer well into the fall. Plus, they are available in a wide variety of sizes and forms and can be used in many parts of the garden, from large screens to lawn specimens, shrub-beds to container plantings. If you’re looking for a tree that offers vivid color, good size and good disease resistance, then check out crepe myrtle Double Dynamite.

Double Dynamite® features a double burst of bright cherry-red flowers and dark purple foliage when young, maturing to a deep green. No seeds are formed, and flowering is continuous for 100 days or more on the same panicle, providing season-long flowers – nonstop! As with all crepe myrtles, pruning isn’t necessary but can be done to “tidy-up” the look of the tree, to encourage new growth and to maximize the number of blooms produced each season. This crepe myrtle variety has shown high resistance to powdery mildew & leaf spot. Overall plant growth habit and size is nice and compact reaching eight to ten feet tall and wide with a dense branching habit. Its upright form makes it the perfect choice in the landscape or container. Double Dynamite is the complete package - good size, color, disease resistance, hardiness, sun-loving, and heat and drought tolerant.

TIP: Plant Double Dynamite with these companion plants. Rose of Sharon, Indian Hawthorn, Daylilies, Cuphea and Butterfly Bush

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