Crazy for Canna


Canna is a must-have for the summer landscape. Their bright tropical blooms are a real attention-getters and they keep going all through the summer heat and humidity. Canna or sometimes called Canna Lily is not a true lily, are a tropical perennial that brings the party each summer and really packs a punch in the landscape!

We love Canna Australia. With some of the darkest foliage of all canna varieties, Australia offers a great contrast to other green plants in the garden. The leaves are a deep bronze and chocolate color with a waxy finish and pointed tip. Australia has a bright red-orange bloom that spans 3 to 4 inches wide. The ruffly flowers not only look great in the landscape, but snip a few and bring indoors to add to your summer décor.

In the spring, Australia's shiny dark leaves will shoot up and grow to 4-5 feet and about a foot to 18 inches wide. We suggest if you are planting these in a row to space the plants out about 12-15 inches to give them enough room to grow. And, we definitely suggest planting them in a row for a big WOW effect.

Plant around a pool, a sunny deck or patio or in a perennial bed as a border for a brilliant display spring through fall. We also love them planted in the back of a flower bed to give height and wow in your summer beds. You could even try planting them in a large container. Plant 'Australia' in full sun to light shade in any well-drained soil. It grows quickly and needs almost no maintenance.

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