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Coneflower, Orange Skipper
Coneflower, SunSeeker Salmon

Coneflower Magic, Orange Skipper and SunSeekers Salmon

It’s that coneflower time of year, and while other plants may be taking a break from our summer heat, coneflowers (echinacea) are flourishing. If you are a coneflower lover (and even if you’re not), then you’ll love these colorful coneflower selections in sunset shades of orange and pink.

Orange Skipper (Butterfly Series) - a bright and sunny addition to any summer garden, this coneflower features showy flowers in a mixture of tangerine and bright-orange. Orange Skipper is a swift grower and can grow to full size in one growing season in the ground and even less time in a container. Long-blooming flowers are adored by butterflies, pollinators and songbirds. This coneflower provides a spectacular show in any sunny summer border, naturalized area, or container. Orange Skipper is a sun-loving perennial that is drought tolerant once established.

SunSeekers Salmon (SunSeekers Series) - features long-lasting, non-fading, semi-double flowers that emerge in a lovely shade of salmon pink with soft yellow petals in the center. As the blooms mature, salmon-pink petals become pale pink with large, dark crimson cones. Pollinators love the rich nectar in summer, while many birds (particularly goldfinches), flock to the plants to devour the seed in winter. Perfect in mixed perennial borders, naturalized areas, or in a container on patios and balconies. Plant full sun or part shade and in well-drained soil.

Did you know? Coneflowers (echinacea) are an attractive and multipurpose cousin of the daisy. The name echinacea comes from the Greek word ekhinos, meaning “hedgehog”, referring to the spiny cone that gives them their common name.