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Christmas is in the house... and out!

When it comes to decorating for the holidays the inside of your house takes center stage. But, don’t’ forget to add some Christmas curb appeal to make a statement outside. Creating a winter landscape doesn’t have to be a Clark Griswold inspired affair. Incorporating a few simple decorative touches will bring cheer to any outdoor space. From brightly colored lights to whimsical reindeer to shimmering orbs, the possibilities are endless. Here's some of favorites to make your home merry & bright:

Add a little ambiance during the holidays with these nature inspired LED twig lights. Ideal for lining walkways or placed in outdoor planters or beds, these accent lights can also be used inside. Available in an assortment of colors including red, multi-color, white and blue.

These unique holiday trees will add a magical touch to any outdoor area; on a dock, front yard, porch or patio. Each crab pot tree is crafted of green-coated crab trap mesh, pre-strung with lights (clear or multi-color) for quick and easy decorating and cleverly designed to store flat. When ready to use, simply unfold and secure the sides together with twist ties (included). Available in 1.5 ft, 4 ft and 6 ft sizes.

Charming by day and dazzling by night, the shimmering lighted angel and sleigh sculptures are sure to dazzle wherever you place them. 40 inches tall and it doesn’t need to be dark to add pizzazz to the landscape.

Illuminate your holidays with these shimmering LED sculptures that shine brilliantly at night. Choose from an assortment of styles including ball, bell and star (12 or 18 inches). Hang these shimmering pieces from a porch or a tree branch for a festive accent. These pair well with white lights on the trees or bushes.

These graceful sculptures will add a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. Place on the porch, patio, front lawn or an entryway. Just add lights for a nighttime show.

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