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Bring the Tropics to Your Garden

Perennial Hibiscus

When most people think of hibiscus they think of a tropical plant that grows in warm climates like Hawaii or Florida. Well, if you love the look of hibiscus but think it can only be grown in very warm climates don’t fret. If you crave a touch of the tropics, how about a perennial hibiscus? The perennial hibiscus should not be confused with the tropical hibiscus, which will not survive a winter freeze. Perennial varieties are true, cold hardy shrubs that die back each winter only to reemerge in the spring even bigger and better. And best of all, these beauties are easy to care for.

Provide them with full sun, decent soil and some pruning now and again and once established, they’ll provide your garden with years of fabulous color. There are many varieties of perennial hibiscus to choose from with plant heights ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet tall with giant, dinnerplate size blossoms in an array of colors. These plants where once limited to flower colors of red, white and pink but not anymore. Breeders have developed a new color palette including hot pink, mauve, rose, plum and bicolored blooms. Who would have guessed that the cousin to okra and cotton, yep, okra and cotton, could be so striking! One of our favorite perennial hibiscus varieties this year is Cherry Cheesecake. Be sure to check out this dazzling hibiscus that is sure to put the cherry on top of your garden for years to come!

Cherry Cheesecake is a stunning bicolor, hardy hibiscus featuring large 7-8 inch blooms. These blossoms are a crisp white with bright pink ruffled edges and a Bing-cherry-colored eye with vibrant, filigree and tips. Plant in full sun to part shade Cherry Cheesecake blooms mid to late summer and is deer resistant. Best of all, it will bring blooms to your garden year after year.