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Better than chocolates


Valentine's Day is one of the most celebrated holidays and throughout history, it has been celebrated with romantic traditions including cards, candy, and gifts that convey love and appreciation. So, if those diamond studs are not in your budget this year, consider the orchid.

There is a special grace to the long, arching stem of the orchid. Phalaeonopsis, also known as Moth Orchids, are some of the least expensive and longest-blooming orchids available ranging in colors from whites to pinks. One bloom spike can look great for four months.

Love the style, grace and beauty of orchids but afraid they look too complicated to care for? Never fear. Phalaeonopsis are surprisingly easy to grow and in the right setup at home they can be extremely low maintenance. These orchids prefer bright indirect light. Leaves bronze and may burn if the light is too bright. Let dry slightly between waterings and use rain water as much as possible. We recommend placing your orchid on a tray over moistened pebbles for increased humidity. Promote more and larger blooms by feeding moth orchids one quarter to one half dilution with each watering using a fertilizer formulated specifically for orchids. Best at 60˚F nights and 70˚F days (will take 55˚F - 95˚F).

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