Backyard Bird-Watching

Bird watching is one of America's fastest-growing hobbies, and creating a backyard habitat is a convenient way to enjoy these fine-feathered friends. Surveys reveal that nearly half the households in the United States provide food and shelter for wild birds. What has made watching birds the fastest growing hobby in the country second only to gardening? Their colorful and entertaining presence is fascinating to observe, especially through the long, dreary days of winter. Birdwatchers are always excited about seeing the birds enter and leave their houses year after year. Providing shelter can make birds' lives easier too. Winter is a difficult time for birds, and finding shelter can be especially challenging during periods of extreme cold.

McDonald offers a complete line of Stovall specialty birdhouses. Stovall offers high quality wood feeders and wild bird houses. Houses are made from all western red cedar and are constructed and assembled with stainless steel and dichromate plated screws, washers, hooks and chains. Products are hand sanded and many products are coated with wood protector, which accentuates the wood grain and the natural warmth of cedar. These long-lasting, traditional houses come in all shapes and sizes to fit the needs of many types of birds including wren, woodpecker, bluebird and many more.