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Annual Packs – Fast Growing & Carefree!


Annual packs add BIG color to seasonal containers and flowerbeds. With four, yes FOUR, plants in one pack... this surely is an economical way to landscape. There are a multitude of varieties when choosing annual pack color. Here’s our top pick for shade and sun:

CELOSIA – loves the sun.
This super tough, drought-resistant annual is adored for its unusual style and texture. It comes in an array of luscious colors including red, yellow, cream, orange, rose, deep magenta and pink. Use as flowerbed borders and in containers, inside or out. Celosia is an excellent choice as a cut flower and loves it warm and sunny.

POLKA DOT PLANTS, or Hypoestes – love the shade.
Available in white with green dots and pink with green dots, this little plant lives right up to its name. This beauty really shines when paired with ferns, impatiens, hostas and ivy. Polka dot plants are easy to grow and prefer a fast draining potting soil. They love humid environments, so our Hampton Roads summers are just perfect.

Other annuals available in packs (on sale now, 4 for $5):
Dianthus, Coleus, Verbena, Petunia. Marigolds, Begonia, Salvia, Impatiens, Dusty Miller